Innovative cropping systems for a climate smart agriculture

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Authors: Leonardo Ambrosi, Christian M. Centis Donato Cillis, Nicola Colonna, Federica Colucci, Matteo De Sanctis, Lorenzo Furlan, Gioia Garavini, Ludovica Giordano, Stefano Lo Presti, Francesco Marinello, Andrea Pezzuolo, Luigi Sartori, Davide Tonon, Alessandra Zamagni

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 52, 2018

ISBN: 978-88-8286-316-6

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Agriculture is facing new challenges to adapt to and mitigate climate change trends and, in order to deal with it, agriculture must modify and innovate methods and techniques. Integration of Conservative Agriculture and Precision Farming techniques have the potential to significantly decrease the environmental impact of crop production and have been tested and evaluated in the framework of a pilot LIFE+ project, named AGRICARE, developed at an experimental site in the Veneto Region. The report briefly summarizes the project results and describes the potential role of new Climate Smart techniques in better managing soils and optimizing input uses to reach the mitigation goals and to increase adaptation.