Il Life Cycle Thinking a supporto delle strategie di mitigazione e adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici

Proceedings of the 13th Italian LCA Network Conference - Roma, 13-14th June 2019

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Authors: Gabriella Arcese, Maurizio Cellura, Sara Cortesi, Laura Cutaia, Maria Claudia Lucchetti, Erika Mancuso, Marina Mistretta, Chiara Montauti, Simona Scalbi

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 504, 2019

ISBN: 978-88-8286-389-0

Price: free


The volume collects the proceedings of the XIII Conference of the Italian LCA Network (VIII Conference of the Italian Network LCA Association). The theme was "Life Cycle Thinking, a support for mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change”. The challenge to climate change and its effects on society and the environment is twofold: on one side mitigation, aimed at progressively reducing emissions of climate-changing gases responsible for global warming, and on the other adaptation, which aims to control the vulnerability of environmental, social and economic systems and to increase their climate resilience.

The conference proceedings include 65 scientific contributions, presented both in the oral and the poster sessions, after having passed a double peer-review process, managed by the Scientific Committee. The topics were divided into eight sections:

  • LCT-based methods and tools in environmental policies
  • Use of LCT in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Evaluation of socio-economic consequences related to climate change
  • Methodological developments of LCA, LCC and S-LCA and integration with other tools for sustainability studies
  • Use of the LCT to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  • LCT and Circular Economy: experiences, eco-design case studies and methodological approaches
  • PEF and OEF: application experiences and possible uses in environmental policies
  • Poster.

A final section was reserved to the three papers rewarded during the 10th Edition of LCA Young Researcher Award, aimed at promoting and disseminating the research activities of young researchers working on Life Cycle Assessment.