Proceedings of the 6th European Fuel Cell Piero Lunghi Conference

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: Viviana Cigolotti, Chiara Barchiesi, Michela Chianella

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 378, 2015

ISBN: 978-88-8286-324-1

Price: free


On 16-18 December 2015 was held the 6th edition of the European Fuel Cell Technology and Applications “Piero Lunghi” Conference. Fuel cells are improving unstoppably, not only in terms of efficiency but also in durability and reliability, and are now decidedly edging into the market.

European Fuel Cell 2015 reflects this as can be seen from the increased number of reports from real-life applications of fuel cells and fuel cell-based products.

The Proceedings of the Conference collect 177 abstracts of papers presented during the Conference.