Relationality: between environmental awareness and societal challenges

Proceedings of the international meeting in Budapest

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: Luca Fiorani, Zsuzsa Román, Valentina Falcioni, Francesco Geremia

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 112, 2017

ISBN: 978-88-8286-345-6

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We are part of a constantly changing planet.

From a physical and evolutionary perspective, and from the aspect of human and social development, fundamental links between biological and cultural evolution are appearing. Today, more than ever, we are seeing the fundamental relationality between individual lifestyles, relationships among persons as members of society and the environment in which we live. In the face of our current ecological crisis, integrated and comprehensive solutions that consider these relationships between natural and social systems are urgently needed.

What are the key values and challenges facing us in order to develop these solutions and ensure greater environmental awareness as individuals and society?

Are we fully aware of the implications of relationships of reciprocity and dialogue as they impact and foster ecological initiatives?

This volume hopes to begin an open and transdisciplinary dialogue around these questions.