EAI - Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione

“Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione” is the quarterly magazine of ENEA. Established in the 1950s as a Newsletter of the institution's research activities, then centered on nuclear energy, in the 1980s it became “Energia e Innovazione” to give voice to the protagonists and to the major themes of scientific research and of technological innovation, inside and outside the institution. Finally, in the 1990s, it became “Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione” including environmental and sustainability issues. Today, in the wake of this tradition, the magazine wants to be a place for discussion and scientific debate with a growing focus on current issues and a tool to disseminate and publicize the results and objectives of ENEA research.

EAI is structured into the following sections, as listed here below:

L'intervento → This section proposes the contributions of authoritative exponents of institutions on the main topic covered in the issue of the magazine

Gli scenari → The section collects expert analyzes on the main topic

Le interviste → It reports interviews with qualified people and stakeholders

Focus → It hosts the ENEA researchers' articles, which illustrate current activities and projects