Qualification of nuclear systems and component. ENEA expertise and facilities

Kind of publication : DOSSIER

Edited by: Stefania Baccaro, Paolo D'Atanasio

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 122, 2010

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Nuclear qualifications are one of the fundamentals when designing and setting up nuclear power plants. They consist of a complex set of tests on systems, components and structures – subject to specific environmental conditions resulting from an accident or an external hazard – aimed at ensuring they are nuclear safety compliant and continue to operate with the highest reliability, thus allowing to keep the reactor under control in any situation.

The ENEA Casaccia Research Centre (Rome) hosts the whole complex of laboratories and pilot experimental facilities where the complete process of nuclear qualification of components, devices and systems relevant to nuclear safety is performed by way of tests.

This dossier contains technical forms describing the laboratories and experimental facilities in ENEA and its participated companies, whose expertise gives a valuable contribution to nuclear qualification and the manifold laboratory technical and scientific skills is provided, with a wide range of research, measurements and tests in support to nuclear qualification activities: from the preliminary study to the pre-qualification stage, and finally to the activities in support to functional verifications during the very qualification process.