Technologies and Expertise for Cultural Heritage Preservation

For over twenty years ENEA has been involved in activities aimed at knowing, preserving, exploiting and valorizing the Country’s cultural heritage.

By drawing on its scientific expertise achieved through R&D on new technologies, energy and the environment, in collaboration with experts from in cultural heritage, ENEA started adjusting, orienting and broadening its specific technological know-how in order to best meet the specific demands in that field.

To date, puts at the Country’s disposal its advanced know-how, sophisticated technologies, complex test facilities, data processing and interpretation skills for cultural heritage preservation.

On such grounds, ENEA performs surveys and interventions for the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, local bodies, public and private institutions, also within the framework of national and international research programmes.

Not only does the Agency develop and apply technologies and know-how, but it also transfers them to all cultural heritage professionals.

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