Radiation Protection Services

Human health is the core application field of Radiation Protection, that is necessary in all those medical, industrial and research activities where ionizing radiation is required.

ENEA hosts two Institutes of crucial importance to radiation protection.

Pursuant to Law no. 273 of 11th August, 1991, the ENEA National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology (INMRI-ENEA) has been officially encharged with measuring the levels of ionizing radiation. The Institute ensures that actual conditions exist for ionizing radiation measurement to be reliable in all sectors of interest such as radiotherapy, medical radiodiagnostics, radiation protection in the environment, hospitals and scientific research; it is responsible for procedures and tests to provide the Italian national standards for ionizing radiation quantities and the calibration of gauging instruments; it also participates in the technical advisory committee for nuclear safety and health protection of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office

For more information, please visit the INMRI web site

The ENEA Radiation Protection Institute (ENEA-IRP) the ENEA Radiation Protection Institute (IRP) is unique in the national territory for the expertise, equipment and technical services it provides. The ENEA-IRP’s network of laboratories provides a set of advanced services:

  • radioactivity measurements – through a set of integrated laboratories providing a wide range of measurements, from assessing internal contamination to detecting the radioactivity levels in environmental matrix samples, by different radiometric techniques;
  • environmental and personal dosimetry – by gamma, beta and neutron-field dosimetry systems, including criticality dosimeters;
  • Radon and natural radionuclide level measurements – through Radon-in-air and Thoron-in-air measurements, along with technical consultancy for radiation protection assessments and possible remedial actions;
  • calibration of radiation protection equipment – calibration of ionizing chambers, scintillation counters, semiconductor photon detectors and neutron rem counters, and preset dose irradiation for photon, electron and neutron dosimeters (e.g., thermoluminescent dosimeters, trace detectors, electronic dosimeters);
  • training at academic institutions and specific events, as well as professional training on the job through specific internships, in compliance with the current regulations, aimed at getting level I, II, and III qualified experts;
  • consultancy on radiation safety for facilities exposed to ionizing radiation and/or potentially contaminated for internal and external users.


  • National standard for radon atmosphere reference dosimetry

    The National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology: National standard for radon atmosphere reference dosimetry (radon chamber)

  • Calibration Centres

    ENEA Radiation Protection Institute: Calibration Centres for Ionizing Radiation (neutron irradiation facility)

  • Whole Body Counter

    ENEA Radiation Protection Institute: Whole Body Counter - In vivo measurements for internal radioactive contamination