Services to Enterprises

ENEA provides its support to national enterprises to enhance their technologies, increase their competitiveness and make them more environmentally friendly.

With this aim, ENEA provides technology transfer and dissemination aimed at promoting the use of expertise, facilities and results of the Agency and its participated companies. In practice, the Agency:

  • proposes agreements to enterprises so that they can use ENEA patents and share scientific knowledge, set up research laboratories and realize technology innovation projects;
  • provides industry stakeholders with a qualified, excellence and super partes ambit to perform experimental tests dedicated to developing innovative and advanced technologies and products. Specifically, ENEA allows enterprises to use its laboratories and experimental facilities where they can perform qualification tests of components, devices and systems;
  • promotes and fosters ways to meet innovation supply and demand even by participating in national and international networks and in EU research projects;
  • provides its partnership in national and international research projects;
  • provides its support to creating high-tech initiatives, such as spin-offs;
  • provides remote and on-the-job training aimed at transferring know-how and creating new professionals.

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BannerConfindustria.jpgIn particular, as stipulated in a Memorandum of Understanding with Confindustria – signed on 12 July, 2010 - ENEA provides enterprises with its expertise to create different and advanced scenarios, services, technological addresses, and to participate in projects aimed at a sustainable economic development.

More in detail, the services provided are as follows:

  • Information, analysis and evaluation related to regulations incentivizing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and to marketable technologies to be invested upon;
  • Technology development on research areas where ENEA has a consolidated and acknowledged leadership;
  • Technology transfer in its areas of expertise;
  • Advanced testing, qualification and certification of materials, components and systems where ENEA puts at enterprises’ disposal its materials, experimental facilities, test beds, laboratories and cutting-edge laboratories;
  • Advanced energy and technology diagnostics, identifying opportunities for enterprises in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and technological innovation;
  • Training, addressed to different professionals, mainly on energy efficiency.