Support to Public Administration

L’ENEA provides Public Administration with support in several areas:

Energy Efficiency
Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 115 of 30th May, 2008, ENEA has been officially assigned the function of Italian National Agency for Energy Efficiency. Its main tasks are to: support the State, regions and local bodies with its technical and scientific expertise and consultancy services on energy efficiency allowing them to provide the necessary implementing instruments; support the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and Regions to ensure the general control and supervision for measures to be implemented; provide support to verify the implementation of projects and measures adopted for energy saving and efficiency.
For more information, see Energy Efficiency: Support to Public Administration, Information and Training

Environmental Characterization, Prevention and Recovery
ENEA provides the central and local Public Administration with technical and scientific support as to environmental characterization, prevention and recovery. Specifically, the Agency’s activities are focused on: environmental remediation and requalification; waste cycle management; eco-innovation of production processes; systems’ development, dissemination and implementation, methodologies and tools for the environmental process management; development of future scenarios and modelling for the assessment of atmospheric pollution.
For more information
, see Environmental Characterization, Prevention and Recovery and Environmental Technologies.

Protection from Natural Phenomena
ENEA provides Public Administration with support on the reduction of risks associated with natural phenomena (earthquakes, landslides, etc.) and on the mitigation of their effects on lands and buildings. Specifically, the Agency carries out studies and research in support of planning policies for natural risk management in the fields of
For more information
, see Seismic Protection.

ENEA puts at the Country’s disposal its advanced know-how, sophisticated technologies, complex test facilities, data processing and interpretation skills for cultural heritage preservation. On such grounds, ENEA performs surveys and interventions for the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, local bodies, public and private institutions, also within the framework of national and international research programmes.

In many cases, ENEA acts under specific Programme Agreements with Ministries, Regions and local bodies. Among these, one of the most important underway is the Programme Agreement signed with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development on the Electric System Research. R&D activities stipulated in the relevant Three-Year Plan are all aimed at innovating the national Electric System in order to enhance its cost-effectiveness, safety and environmentally friendliness, ensuring the suitable conditions for the Country’s sustainable development. Activities are funded through a fee paid under item A5 of the electricity bill, whose amount is set by the Italian National Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG).
For more information, see Electric System Research.