Spatial research for ENEA's zero gravity mission
ENEA's researchers and scientific teams across Europe have lived a unique experience on bord the flight Zero - G Airbus A300. Through this mission, arranged by the European Space Agency, they have carried out scientific experiments at low gravity.
Tracing the path to 2°C global warming in Europe
IMPACT2C is a EU funded research project aimed at developing data and models on climate change impacts in Europe. The best available knowledge is tailored to be used as background information for policy making and international negotiations.
Hot Radial Pressing. Innovating ITER
ENEA branded one of the three components of the ITER divertor. It's called Inner Vertical Target and it is made with a new technique, patented by ENEA. An italian jewel of technology, with two important functions: the removal of the plasma impurities and the disposal of the excess heat, to sustain the nuclear fusion reaction.
RADEX: a new way to fight against terrorism
A new technology for energy saving indoors
The LAMP project: OLEDs and OLETs, the next generation of Lighting
The Marie Curie Actions 2013 road show
Everything you need to know about this year’s edition of the Marie Curie Actions Road Show tour in Europe: dates and stopovers, the research institutes, the contact people.
Marie Curie Actions: the ENEA ambassador
Antonella Marone has a PhD and a grant at ENEA. She is soon to leave for Narbonne, France, thanks to a Marie Curie Fellowship. The European Commission ‘s Marie Curie Actions give the best European young researchers the chance to work in an international environment. Antonella tells us how it all began.
Technological replicas for the plundered tombs of the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara
With a nondestructing methodology developed by Protolab, at the Bologna ENEA Research Centre, Italy, the exact copies of two precious and fragile reliefs from the necropolis of Saqqara, property of the Archaeological Museum of Bologna, were realized. A gift to the Egyptian government, the marble replicas will be placed inside the tombs from where the originals came from, to complete the monuments’ restoration.
ENEA - Official Video
ENEA: Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development - Official Video
The PCS Plant
A short introduction to the PCS Plant of the ENEA Casaccia Research Centre, where ENEA’s innovative concentration solar thermodynamic technology was first tested and developed. The facility is now part of SFERA, a laboratory network for the promotion of renewable energy. Certification testing of commercial components and advanced training for researchers and technicians is available on demand.
Fuel Cells Activities
Skyland, the vertical farm made in Italy
A promo video produced by ENEA to support Skyland, a project idea for sustainable vertical farming. Vertical farms within the city boundaries are the new frontier of indoor agriculture. The distance between production and consumption is set to zero while distribution costs and pollution sensibly reduced.