GMO Asynchronous and Asymmetric approvals: bringing lasting solutions to identified problems

18-19 March 2010, Brussels


The 18th and 19th March 2010, the workshop "GMO Asynchronous and Asymmetric approvals: bringing lasting solutions to identified problems" was organized by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in Brussels.

The workshop represented an important step towards the objective of bringing together all the stakeholders and increasing the efforts on the harmonization of technical methodologies and authorization procedures regulating GM crops in Europe.

During the first part of the workshop, the Asynchronous Approval issue in the global context of GM crops, was illustrated in detail by 20 European speakers representing Research Centres and Academics, Reference Laboratories, Regulatory Bodies, European Commission and the Food and Feed Chain Stakeholders. Approximately 50 external attendants representing Ministries of Environment and Public Health, Food and Feed Federations and Associations, SMEs, Research Centres, Universities, Food Safety Authorities and others from various European countries actively participated in the event.

Broader aspects of the issue regarding the legal uncertainty linked to the Low Level Presence and Zero-Tolerance characterizing European Policy in the international trade context were addressed in depth, as were the Rapid Alert systems recently put in place in some European countries. The need for the implementation of a "technical solution" to limit the supply disruptions and adverse economic impacts emerged unanimously both in the Food and for the Feed production system.

During the open roundtable on the second day, a representative of the European Commission provided different elements that are currently considered for the "technical solution" that is under development by the Commission. These elements were discussed among all participants.

This workshop has given the opportunity to open a dialogue on common interests, and more meetings of this type were requested by all the attendants in order to strengthen future substantial and durable collaborations.

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