International Conference “Agroecology for Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean” | Celebrating 25 years

The aim of the International Conference is to improve interdisciplinary scientific dialogue, implement information exchange and dissemination of knowledge and innovation strategies on organic agriculture for the Mediterranean climate. IFOAM-ABM strongly supports Agroecology in its full vision as “the science of applying ecological concept and principles to the design and management of sustainable food systems”.
Quando dal 11/09/2015 alle 09:00
al 12/09/2015 alle 16:00
Dove Vignola Castle - Modena (Italy)
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The Conference will cover the following objectives:

  • To map and present the progress and the current situation of organic production in the Mediterranean
  • To evaluate the main problems and solutions on the major Mediterranean organic productions (fruit trees, olives, vineyards, cereals and animal husbandry, fibres, aquaculture and sustainable fisheries), with a focus on adaptation to climate change and water scarcity;
  • To identify the environmental and socioeconomic opportunities and constraints for a linkage to Agroecological strategies;
  • To explore the possibility to use a common benchmark of sustainability dimensions to guide policy reform (i.e. as in the IFOAM SOAAN Best Practice Guideline) and sustainability evaluation tools (e.g. FAO SAFA);
  • To define the needs of the Mediterranean area in policies and differentiated norms and standards in organic agriculture and Fairtrade.



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