Sustainable and resource-efficient Europe. Energy efficiency in agribusiness

High-quality, secure and safe supply of food in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and more energy efficient and cost-effective manner is of paramount importance for a variety of agribusinesses. Greatest attention is paid to the significant role that agriculture and its supply chains are likely to play in terms of bioenergy production and energy saving. The EU has encouraged the development of a sustainable food chain, including the energy efficient energy use that is leading to an overall energy efficiency increase and an added source of income for the Member States.
  • Expo 2015
Quando 16/06/2015
dalle 12:30 alle 14:30
Dove Brussels (Belgium)
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Given public opinion’s sensitivity regarding pivotal issues such as sustainability and efficient use of resources, and taking into account the EXPO2015 that has indeed as core theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", the event represents a unique occasion to raise awareness and motivate stakeholders to deeply reflect upon questions related to the implementation of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency on agribusiness.

The main purpose of the event is to encourage a debate among institutions, public or private operators, associations, industrial, commercial and service companies, professionals, research institutions and ordinary citizens to frame policies and measures needed for economic and occupational growth in the energy efficiency field. Furthermore, the event aims to present the international public consultation promoted by ENEA and EfficiencyKNow, which concerns the use of energy efficiency in agribusiness with specific reference to: water consumption, soil utilization, transport, waste and by-products and manufacturing processes. The goal of the consultation is to identify key priorities in these fields related to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Within the event, pathways to promote and disseminate an energy efficiency culture and related best practices and technologies to European agriculture and food industries will be identified.

Energy efficiency in manufacturing - Carmine Marzano, DG RTD, Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies, European Commission
Energy efficiency in industrial processes (EEIP)Petter Rokke, SINTEF, EERA JP ‘Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes’
Energy efficiency in agriculture and agribusinessDominique Dejonckheere, Copa-Cogeca
Views and perspectives from a research and technology performerKerstin Lienemann, German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL)
States-General of Energy Efficiency - Marco Pezzaglia, EfficiencyKNow

ENEA also recommends the workshop “Promising technologies for wet biomass waste valorization”, organized by EUBIA European Biomass Industry Association. This workshop will take place on June 18th from 14.00 to 17.00 pm at the Scotland House in Brussels.

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