Energy sector trends, challenges and innovation - An opportunity for cross industries synergy

This two-days event is an opportunity to meet and link Private Companies, Public Bodies and the Academia for the sake of joint initiatives and networking at the national and EU level. ENEA and ASSOINGE, together with partecipating partners, will promote a practical roundtable to explore main trends in the energy and manufacturing sectors, highlighting technological and financial opportunities for the private sector and the research community in energy areas such as: power distribution, Oil&Gas, renewable energy sources, new materials, environmental protection, sustainable development.
Quando dal 13/03/2014 alle 08:15
al 14/03/2014 alle 18:00
Dove Bologna (Italy)
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The far reaching goal is the establishment of a permanent venue for the different stakeholders to brainstorm and leverage innovative ideas to improve human life and its sustainable impacts, most notably to value the Italian scene by creating a robust industry-research network of professionals in Italy and Abroad to compete in HORIZON 2020.

The meeting is organized with the contribution of the European Commission on the KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) and is held under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Foreign Affairs.

Attendees and exhibitors can now register online at: