9th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of Coastal Zone 2021 | Call for papers

The 9th Workshop of the SIG “Remote Sensing of Coastal Zone” will take place as a session of the 40th EARSeL Symposium 2021 - Warsaw (Poland) and on line
Quando 09/06/2021
dalle 09:00 alle 18:00
Dove Warsaw (Poland) and on line
Persona di riferimento Florinda Artuso e Luca Fiorani
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Coastal Zone near the Ny-Ålesund International Research Station

The 9th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of Coastal Zone aims to connect the communities of scientists involved in ground and remote observations, as well as development of novel satellite products and environmental models of shelf, coastal and inland waters. By providing a virtual forum for discussing the impact of recent climate change and human activities, the workshop will serve as starting point to evaluate priorities for future activities on the monitoring and management of the coastal marine ecosystem.

Papers on the following topics are welcomed:

  • surface phytoplankton biomass distribution and characterization,
  • distribution of harmful algal blooms,
  • optical properties of dissolved/particulate matter and aquatic microorganisms,
  • Ocean Color, in general, and cal/val activities (Sentinel), in particular,
  • development of new regional satellite products,
  • physical dynamics of currents, tides, waves and sediment transport,
  • flux and transformation of chemical and biological seawater constituents including pollutants,
  • relevance of physical conditions for chemical and biological processes,
  • morphodynamical processes and their relevance for coastal engineering,
  • importance of these factors for living conditions, tourism, shipping and economy,

especially if investigated with:

  • earth observation covering all spectral ranges (ultraviolet, visible, infrared and microwave), both with active and passive methods,
  • ground truth methods and in situ measurements,
  • algorithms for data interpretation,
  • modelling of processes using parameters for starting conditions and output validations that can be remotely sensed,
  • new technologies.




Practical information

Chaipersons: Florinda Artuso, ENEA (+39 06 9400 5584), Vittorio Brando, CNR and Luca Fiorani, ENEA (+39 06 9400 5861)


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