Liquid Metal facilities | Focus on sodium facilities design & safe operation

The European workshop on "Sodium facilities design and safe operation" is organized in the framework of the ESFR-SMART Project, and it is dedicated to topics covering coolant technology, facility design, data analysis and code validation with respect to the 4th Generation ESNII fast reactor demonstrators cooled with liquid metals. A special focus is done for sodium, but other HLM such as lead & lead-bismuth, will be also addressed for some items. The workshop will be held in Rome ENEA Headquarters and in ENEA Casaccia Research Center from May 22nd to 24th, 2018.
Quando dal 22/05/2018 alle 09:00
al 24/05/2018 alle 16:00
Dove Rome (Italy)
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The 4th Generation ESNII fast reactor demonstrators represent an important cornerstone on the way to the corresponding commercial reactors. Design, safe operation and future decommissioning of Fast Reactors involve the necessity to master the coolant with regards to the related technologies. The workshop will address guidelines and good practices for facility design and operation and more particularly specific issues related to sodium. The workshop will offer an opportunity to discuss and share ideas among the young generation and specialists. It will be mainly dedicated to researchers involved in experimental studies carried out on Na facilities.

The workshop aims at providing a platform for discussing and exchanging ideas between students, young professionals and specialists involved in R&D or design activities. The workshop is reserved for ESFR-SMART participants.

The workshop language will be English.


PRELIMINARY AGENDA (it will be periodically updated)