Polismed - Future of Mediterranean Cities

The International Conference of Polismed will be open to scientists, policymakers and the general public and will provide a comprehensive perspective of current knowledge of the dynamic and complex interactions between urbanization and environmental change. This conference is organized by Ipalmo in close cooperation with the AUDI, and Roma Capitale who will host the conference from October 19th-22nd.
Quando dal 19/10/2011 alle 09:00
al 22/10/2011 alle 13:30
Dove Roma (Italy)
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In the past years, a growing number of researchers and practitioners have expanded the understanding of the importance of urban areas for global environmental change. Polismed Project has been leading the way focusing in the Mediterranean region with some of the most attractive demographic and macro-economic growth characteristics worldwide towards a stronger collaboration between academics, decision-makers and practitioners in order to capture the benefits of urbanization and develop ways to mitigate and adapt to global environmental change. The Mediterranean region exhibits some of the highest economic growth rates combined with the fastest population growth and the youngest working population worldwide. Researchers and practitioners in Polismed, focusing on new pathways for the sustainability of current and future urban areas, the impacts of population growth and urbanization on urban areas and the responses of urban areas to those impacts.

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