Tenth Joint IAEA–GIF Technical Meeting/Workshop on the Safety of Liquid Metal Cooled Fast Reactors

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) have jointly committed to organize the 10th Technical Meeting / Workshop on the safety of liquid metal cooled fast reactors (LMFRs) including sodium cooled fast reactors (SFRs) and lead or lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) cooled fast reactors (LFRs).
Quando dal 28/06/2022 alle 00:00
al 01/07/2022 alle 00:00
Dove Camugnano, Bologna, Italy - ENEA Brasimone Research Centre
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These joint meetings arise with the aim to harmonize safety approaches, safety requirements, Safety Design Criteria (SDC) and Safety Design Guidelines (SDG), as well as the applicability of IAEA safety standards for the next-generation advanced LMFRs under development worldwide.

The focus of this tenth technical meeting/workshop will be twofold: i) building on the outcome of previous IAEA-GIF technical meetings on the safety of LMFRs, to provide a platform to GIF members for the exchange of technical information on the development and implementation of SDC and SDG for LMFRs; ii) to focus on key areas of safety of LMFRs highlighted as important during the review of applicability of the IAEA Safety Standards to novel advanced reactors undertook by the IAEA and international experts in 2020-2021.

ENEA is proud to host the event in Brasimone, one of the most relevant research centre worldwide on liquid metal technologies for innovative nuclear application, leader in the development of GEN-IV lead-cooled fast reactor.

For any information please contact Dr. Mariano Tarantino (ENEA), mariano.tarantino@enea.it, Dr. Simone Massara (IAEA), s.massara@iaea.org.