Exponential Integrators for Problems with Multiple Time Scales in Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Il dr. Luca Bonaventura MOX - Dipartimento di Matematica 'Francesco Brioschi' del Politecnico di Milano terrà il seminario presso il Centro Ricerche ENEA Casaccia - Sala Blu
Quando 10/06/2011
dalle 10:30 alle 13:00
Dove Centro Ricerche Casaccia (RM)
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Selected problems in environmental fluid dynamics will be introduced, in which fast and slow time scales are present at the same time. Efficient numerical methods for these problems are usually based on semi-implicit time discretization techniques. The perspectives for applications of Rosenbrock exponential integrators to these problems will be discussed, by showing results of relevant test cases for which a comparison to standard semi-implicit schemes has been carried out.

The numerical results show that, for this first application of exponential integrators, superior accuracy can be achieved, but the computational cost of the exponential methods appears to be still higher than that of standard semi-implicit schemes.

The main open issues and perspectives for further developments will also be discussed.