IEA Bioenergy intertasks workshop and Italian stakeholders meeting on biorefineries

The Italian meeting of stakeholders in the area of biorefineries will be taking place in Sardinia (Italy) on 5 May 2015. This is a one day conference inserted in the three days meetings (4-6 May) of the IEA bioenergy tasks 40 and 42.
Quando 05/05/2015
dalle 09:00 alle 18:30
Dove Li Punti - Sassari (Italy)
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Many governments across the globe have defined national ‘bioeconomy’ strategies. However, it remains unclear how the current economy will shift towards a future bioeconomy where chemicals, materials, transport fuels, and other high-value products are derived from non-food materials. Under the banner of “Biomass Trade and Supply in a Global Bio-Based Economy”, IEA Bioenergy Tasks 40 and 42, together with the European Commission funded project DiaCore, will host a workshop on May 5, 2015 in Sassari, Sardinia, CNR location. Draft findings of a recent Intertask study between Tasks 34, 40, and 42 on the same topic will be presented, and the viewpoints of policy makers and representatives from the biofuels, biopower, and logistics industry will be heard and discussed. The second part of the workshop will cover Italian research perspectives and a site-visit to the MATRICA Biorefinery (a Versalis-NOVAMONT joint venture) at the workshop location. More details and a draft program will be announced shortly.

If you need to find out more event information, you can contact Francesco Catucci


Dr Isabella De Bari, Italian Representative in Task 42, ENEA, Italy
Dr Luca Benedetti, Italian Representative in Task 40, GSE, Italy
Dr Mauro Marchetti, CNR Sassari, Italy
Dr Maurizio Matera, Official Communication, ENEA Trisaia Research Centre, Italy


Session 1: IEA Bioenergy Intertask Study
Biomass Trade and Supply in a Global Bio‐based Economy. An IEA Bioenergy Intertask Project between Tasks 34, 40, and 42 - Patrick Lamers, Idaho National Laboratory
Intertask Study: Key Messages of Task 34 & 42 - Heinz Stichnothe, Isabella De Bari, Dietrich Meier, Henning Storz, Gerfried Jungmeier, Martin Beerman

Session 2: Research perspectives (DiaCore)
End-use and intra- and extra-EU trade scenarios of biomass - RIc Hoefnagels, Universiteit Utrecht

Session 3: Policy and industry perspectives, panel discussion
"Societal Challenge 2 of Horizon 2020" and "PPP/JTI Bio Based Industry": priorities and opportunities for the biobased industry - Fabio Fava, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna- Lucia Gardossi, Università degli Studi di Trieste
U.S. feedstock mobilization in the context of a national and global future bioeconomy - Steven Thomas, U.S. Department of Energy
The view of Abengoa Bioenergy on biomass mobilization for the bio-based economy - Miguel Valdivia Borrero, Abengoa
Port of Rotterdam biomass hub. Trade flows, transport and storage: constraints, and challenges - Hugo du Mez, Port of Rotterdam

Session 4: Italian Policy and Market
Bioenergy in Italy - Luca Benedetti, GSE
The role of industrial biotechnology in boosting the Italian bioeconomy - Mario Bonaccorso, ASSOBIOTEC

Session 5: Italian Biorefineries
Biofuels driven cellulosic biorefinery - Sandro Cobror, BIOCHEMTEX
Novamont biorefinery: a new model of sustainable development integrated with the territory - Luigi Capuzzi, NOVAMONT

Session 6: Italian R&D perspectives, panel discussion
Fiber plants based biorefineries: the VeLiCa project - Nicoletta Ravasio, CNR ISTM
Chemicals from biomass in Sardinia past and future - Mauro Marchetti, CNR Sassari
Lignocellulosic-derived carbohydrates as platform molecules for the production of biofuels and biobased products - Isabella De Bari, ENEA CR Trisaia
Logistic research activities for biorefinery - Luigi Pari, CRA