4th Conference International Society for Plant Molecular Farming

The International Society for Plant Molecular Farming 2020 conference will take place in Rome from 8 - 10th June. The ENEA Biotechnology and Agroindustry Division is proud and honoured to be hosting the Society's 4th biennial meeting, building on previous successes in Berlin, Ghent and Helsinki.
Quando dal 08/06/2020 alle 14:00
al 10/06/2020 alle 16:00
Dove Rome (Italy)
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In the modern landmark setting of Roma EUR district, delegates from around the world, representing both public and private research institutions, will meet to discuss the current state of research into recombinant and small endogenous plant-derived molecules for plant-based drugs and nutraceuticals.

Over the next two years, the area of ​​new biologics is expected to exceed $ 100 billion in market size. New technologies can provide novel or improved versions of existing drugs while accelerating time to market and opening the sector to new participants. The "green revolution" is also emerging in this sector and plants and plant cells as hosts are taking off in applications where the advantages over conventional eukaryotic expression systems make plant factories the preferred choice.

ISPMF 2020 Conference Launch


Venue : Auditorium della Tecnica
Congress Center : Viale dell’Astronomia, 30 - Roma
Auditorium entrance : Viale Umberto Tupini, 65 - Roma

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