International Workshop on Innovative Nuclear Reactors cooled by Heavy Liquid Metals: Status and Perspectives

An International Workshop on “Innovative Nuclear Reactors cooled by Heavy Liquid Metals” has been organized in Pisa (Italy) by ENEA, SCK-CEN, Von-Karman Institute and University of Pisa. The workshop, supported in the frame of the Program Agreement (ADP ENEA-MSE, PAR2011) between the ENEA and the Italian Minister for the Economic Development (MSE) and in the frame of the SEARCH Collaborative Project (FP7, EC) deals with relevant topics for nuclear fast reactor systems and accelerator driven systems.
Quando dal 17/04/2012 alle 09:00
al 20/04/2012 alle 14:00
Dove Pisa (Italy)
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Beyond the detailed description of the main design options for innovative nuclear systems cooled by heavy liquid metal, specific topics, such as core design, advanced fuel, reactor components, coolant chemistry, thermal-hydraulics and safety assessment will be presented and discussed.

The outcomes of the Workshop have a double goal.

First, to support the implementation of the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and the Preliminary Safety Assessment Report (PSAR) of MYRRHA irradiation facility, which has a fundamental deadline in 2014.

Second, to promote the Lead Technology as reference, together with the Sodium Technology, into the European strategy related to the Fast Reactors, outlining the strong Italian contribution in this frame.

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