IX ITER Neutronics Meeting

The ITER Neutronics Meeting (Frascati - Rome, Italy, June 24-27, 2014) has been recognized as one of the main international gathering for discussion and dissemination of the ITER nuclear analysis issues and expertise since it was conceived. Participation from experts in nuclear analysis and code development and delegates from ITER Organisation, ITER domestic agencies, research institutes, universities and industry is envisaged.
Quando dal 24/06/2014 alle 08:00
al 27/06/2014 alle 15:30
Dove Frascati (Rome - Italy)
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The main aims of the meeting are as follows:

  • Summarise the status of ITER construction and nuclear analyses;
  • Present the results of recent ITER analyses;
  • Show the code developments;
  • Discuss commonality of problems, solutions and resources.


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