Does the Mediterranean diet still exist? The Med Diet EXPO 2015 call: time to act

The non-adherence of current Mediterranean dietary patterns to the MD model is particularly worrying for is alarming increasing trend in almost all Med countries. The focus of the entire day is to widespread a new perspective of the Mediterranean diet, focused not only on its healthy benefits but as a model of a contemporary sustainable diet and lifestyle.
  • Expo 2015
Quando 14/05/2015
dalle 09:00 alle 16:00
Dove Expo Milano - Padiglione Italia
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In line with the theme of the EXPO Milan “Feeding the Planet – Energy for life”, the aim of the event  is to revitalize the Mediterranean Diet as a model for the development of sustainable diets in order to contribute to reduce the increasing unsustainable changes of diets in the world (particularly in the Mediterranean area).

Over the past years, interest on sustainable diets and their assessment has increased towards more sustainable dietary and food consumption patterns to feed the planet. The Mediterranean diet, scientifically well-characterized as a healthy dietary pattern, has begun to be also investigated for its lower environmental impact and its higher economic and socio-cultural value. Lately, the Mediterranean diet started to be furthermore investigated as a case study for the sustainable diets’ characterization and assessment by the leading institutions organizing the event.

In the morning, it will be organized an international consensus conference to launch THE MED DIET EXPO 2015 - CALL: TIME TO ACT. In the Conference, it is foreseen the participation of  the Secretary- General of CIHEAM,  the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies and the High-Representatives of the involved Entities. The text of the Call will be developed in collaboration with the members of the International Scientific Committee.

The aim of the Call  is to foster a broader consensus among all participants, mainly international experts and high level representatives of Institutions and Governments, on the need to develop new strategies, solutions and actions to revitalize  the MD as a model of a sustainable dietary pattern for the today time. In the afternoon, research project results and updates of current works and collaborations will be presented for discussion and debate. New directions for enhancing the sustainability of the Med Diet in Mediterranean countries will be also explored.

The aim of the overall Programme is to define the future of Mediterranean Diet and propose a new international food pyramid model as a sustainable contemporary dietary pattern.


  • Massimo Iannetta (ENEA)
  • Flavio Paoletti (CRA)
  • Roberto Capone (CIHEAM-IAMB)
  • Sandro Dernini (Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures)



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