MetroFission - Metrology for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants

MetroFission will be the first integrated offering (across temperature measurement, thermal properties of materials and ionising radiation) from the European metrology community to the benefit of the European nuclear energy. It is likely to be the first step to provide the metrology input required by this growing industry. MetroFission addresses key metrological problems to develop efficient and competitive nuclear energy technologies. It covers the most exciting new metrology and the key needs of the industry. To maximize Metrofission impact outside the project partners the present meeting has been organized at about half of the project development.
Quando dal 09/02/2012 alle 09:00
al 10/02/2012 alle 17:00
Dove Roma (Italy)
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A three-year research project, MetroFission, was started in September 2011 between a number of metrology laboratories in Europe, in the framework of the European Metrology Research Project (EMRP) with the following technical objectives:

1. Improved temperature measurement for nuclear power plant applications

2. Thermal properties of advanced materials for nuclear design

3. Nuclear data and measurement techniques

Representatives of the nuclear new-build, scientific experts, external users and stakeholders such as people from the nuclear industry, national nuclear laboratories, international standard bodies, NPP and energy providers, international organizations and representatives from companies are invited to attend the meeting, taking the opportunity to follow ongoing developments and provide the necessary feedback to help Metrofission to be a real support for their work.


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