Metrology for Molecular Radiotherapy | Calibration Activities and Accuracy Verification in Quantitative Imaging

Metrology for molecular radiotherapy (MetroMRT) is a collaborative project part funded by the European Community through the European Metrology Research Programme. The consortium consists of 6 national metrology laboratories together with 17 clinical research centres from 8 different countries. It started on 1 June 2012 and will run for 3 years.
Quando 05/07/2013
dalle 09:30 alle 18:00
Dove Roma (Italy)
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The overall aim of the MetroMRT project is to develop methods of calibrating and verifying clinical dosimetry in MRT.  By creating a dosimetry protocol (similar to that used in external beam radiotherapy) it will be possible to prescribe standard procedures of known accuracy, and to predict the benefits to the patient and the health system as a whole from widespread introduction of individual patient dosimetry.

The workshop aims at bringing together metrological institutes and key stakeholders to discuss about calibration issues and accuracy verification in quantitative molecular imaging. Further, the workshop aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To share information between NMI, clinical facilities and companies developing quantitative imaging software
  2. To learn of the current research activities
  3. To identify possible information gaps between metrological institutes and clinical partners that perform MRT on a clinical basis.