MOMO Car Sharing Project

MOMO Car-Sharing project - cofunded by the EC in the frame of the IEE Programme - has the key objective of contributing significantly to sustainable mobility patterns by establishing a mobility culture based on various transport options instead of car-ownership. This evaluation Workshop aims at discussing the first results of the project in terms of implementation of new services and evaluation of the impacts of Car-Sharing on energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The workshop will be attended by experts, operators and representatives of Italian cities interested in the implementation of Car-Sharing services.
Quando 09/06/2011
dalle 09:00 alle 18:00
Dove Roma
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Car-sharing is one of the options for more energy-efficient mobility  and  for reducing the amount of cars in our cities, and its beneficial effect has been pointed out in the Green Paper on Urban Mobility adopted by the EC.

The European potential is immense but far from being fully exploited. As a market-based service, transport can be organised more rationally and be more resource-efficient. The existing obstacles to exploiting the potential of Car-Sharing for European cities can be overcome. MOMO Car-Sharing project aims to:

  • increase the awareness of Car-Sharing in Europe
  • increase the number of Car-Sharers
  • establish Car-Sharing services in new locations
  • increase the energy-efficiency within existing Car-Sharing operations
  • make recommendations on how to develop and establish eco-efficient Car-Sharing



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The effects of Car Sharing Implementation -  F. Orazzini, Car City Club Turin

Car sharing experience in Rome - S. Bartolucci, Rome Mobility Agency

Athens Car Sharing Evaluation results - M. Sarkadoula, CRES

Belgium Car Sharing Evaluation results - A. Meuleman, Taxistop

Bremen Car Sharing Evaluation results - M. Glotz Richter, Bremen

Finland Car Sharing Evaluation results - O. Rauta, Motiva

Germany Car Sharing Evaluation results - W. Loose, CarSharing D

Italy Car Sharing Evaluation results - G.Romano, Ime e M Mastretta, ICS

Electromobility and Car Sharing - G. Pede, ENEA


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