19th Case Study Symposium “LCA in market, research and policy: harmonisation beyond standardisation”

ENEA and SETAC Europe are pleased to announce the 19th SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium, which will be held 11-13 November 2013 in Rome, Italy.
Quando dal 11/11/2013 alle 09:00
al 13/11/2013 alle 18:00
Dove Rome (Italy)
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Mirroring the SETAC tripartite structure, the purpose of the symposium is to discuss how LCA can support the decision making process at all levels, i.e. industry and policy contexts, and how LCA results can be efficiently communicated and be used for supporting market strategies . After its conception in the ’90s, the standardization process that followed and that has recently given rise to several spin off (e.g. carbon footprint, water footprint, eco-efficiency and others already on the agenda), there is a urgent need to harmonise several methodological developments and conventions that have occurred. At the industrial level, many initiatives are presently under development, aimed at developing sector-specific guidance. Small and medium-sized enterprises could largely benefit from these initiatives, which could provide an answer to their need of tailoring life cycle-based methods and tools to specific applications. At the policy level, it has been recognized that with the growing popularity of LCA in policy directives, a guidelines for policy LCAs may become necessary too.




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