HORIZON 2020: Trasforming Global Challenges in Opportunities for Growth

Through its new programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, EU made an effective effort for prioritizing the investments aimed at promoting growth and industrial “renaissance” transforming global challenges in opportunities. Experts will discuss, during three different roundtables, on the most advanced approaches to three selected topics (cyber security, healthy ageing, raw materials) of high impact for European society and industry. Special attention will be paid to innovation processes, leading edge technologies and, where necessary, on requests of new legislative frameworks.
Quando 25/09/2014
dalle 10:30 alle 18:00
Dove Bruxelles
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PARALLEL ROUNDTABLE 1 – Open, Safe and Secure Cyber Space. New Security Frontiers beyond Technology

Nowadays, security challenge is one of the most urgent to face, since people, companies, lifelines, internet are all under potential and multiform threats. Every aspect of life in the 21st century world is disciplined by the IT technologies and people are the weakest players on this arena. Just the cyber-identity theft causes in USA damages for 1 billion US $/ year and the totality of cyber-crimes is estimated to amount 1% of the World GDP. It deems as necessary the development of a “cyber-security” culture for the citizens.

The panel of experts will discuss several topics, ranging from Cybersecurity’s concepts and state-of-the-art legislation to leading-edge technology, projects and future strategies, pointing out the current and increasing key role of Cybersecurity into civil and defence-related issues.


PARALLEL ROUNDTABLE 2 – Demographic Changes: Global Challenges, Technology and Opportunities

Demographic Changes are a Global Challenge and one that poses one of the most serious threats to the sustainability of the Health and Social Systems.
As such, Demographic Changes is a mainstay of engagement in many national policies for Research and Technological Development as well as in the just launched EU Horizon 2020 Framework Program.
The impact of Demographic Changes spans in a vast multidisciplinary scenario: from evolutionary biology to human life, from embryonic life to advanced age, from the search for effective and sustainable solutions to social systems and welfare.
Technological progress has the potential to transform the Global Challenge of Demographic Changes into significant socio-economical opportunities.
Participants from national and international organizations will share opinions, perspectives and foresight on the lines of the Italian Semester of Presidency and on the strategic processes targeting effective solutions to global challenges.

ROUNDTABLE 3 – Raw Materials

The sustainable and efficient supply, processing and use of raw materials for the European industry and society as a whole represents one of the main challenges identified by the European Commission. The last years have been marked by a major surge in demand for raw materials, driven by strong global economic growth, particularly in emerging countries such as China, India and Brazil.  Europe is highly dependent on imports for many non-energy raw materials whose production is concentrated in a small number of countries, e.g. more than 90% of rare earths and antimony, and more than 75% of germanium and tungsten are produced in China, 90% of niobium in Brazil and 77% of platinum in South-Africa. Then, there is a growing awareness of the need to tackle the issue of raw materials and resource efficiency strategies at regional, national and EU levels. Closer cooperation in the EU, not only between public bodies, but especially between public and private players, will provide the impetus needed to overcome the major criticalities.  Innovation, R&D and demand-side measures are then needed to achieve societal targets quicker and more efficiently. The two panels will tackle the issues of the European dependence on raw materials and of their secure supply to the EU industries.


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