Save the date! 6° International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies

ICFDT6 is an interdisciplinary conference, jointly organized by INFN and ENEA Frascati laboratories, aimed at bringing together scientists, engineers and also experts from industries. Contributions are welcome from the frontiers of diagnostics in different areas of research: high energy and accelerator physics and technology, nuclear fusion plasmas, space and astrophysics research, medical applications, lasers physics and technology, to discuss common interests in concepts and realization of measurement systems.
Quando dal 19/10/2022 alle 00:00
al 21/10/2022 alle 00:00
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The Conference ICFDT6 is co-organized by ENEA and INFN institutes, and oficial sponsor are ESA (European Space Agency) , Bicocca University in Milan, and CAEN ( Electronics for Research Company). The event is organized in 7 sessions (2 hours), a poster session and a satellite meeting dedicated to diagnostics for high energy physics experiments.

Special sessions are dedicated to diagnostics of: 1) the tokamak DTT ( Divertor Test Tokamak) in construction at ENEA Frascati; 2) cold and industrial plasmas; 3) medical systems; 4)  tokamak JT60SA which is coming into operation this year.

Chairs : Francesco Paolo Orsitto (ENEA), Marco Ciotti (ENEA), Vitaliano Chiarella (INFN).

Topics of the ICFDT6 conference are :

  • Measurement of temperature and density
  • Energy spectrum of particles
  • Spectroscopy in various ranges of wavelengths
  • Imaging in various ranges of wavelengths
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


The proceedings will be published in the Journal of Instrumentation.

Awards for the ‘Experimental Physics ‘ will be given to the best posters presented by young scientists.

Important dates:

  • 31 July 2022: Deadline Presentation abstracts for  orals
  • 10 September  2022: Notification acceptance abstracts  for orals
  • 10 September 2022: Deadline Presentation abstracts for  Posters
  • 30 September 2022: Notification acceptance abstracts  for Posters
  • 19 October 2022: The registration online closed


One page max Abstracts  must be sent to:;

The Conference ICFDT6 is organized in ‘hybrid’ format : the possibility of ‘in person’ as well as ‘remote’ participation are permitted, upon registration on line. The participation fee is fixed a zero cost for all the registered participants.