CARISMA Project: an example of integrated approach in the study of the adverse effects posed by antifouling agents in the Southern Adriatic Sea

In the framework of CARISMA project – which aims to assess the quality of the Southern Adriatic Sea area between Italy (Apulia) and Albania, and the impact due to the use of antifouling paints – a preliminary survey in ports and marinas along coastal areas of both countries was conducted. Chemical analyses were complemented with ecotoxicological assays. In addition, in order to assess potential adverse ecological effects posed by selected antifouling agents on non-target marine organisms, Ecological Risk Assessment was applied


DOI: 10.12910/EAI2014-49

Sonia Manzo, Giuliana Ansanelli, Luisa Parrella, Giuseppe Di Landa, Paolo Massanisso, Simona Schiavo, Carmine Minopoli, Bruno Lanza, Juri Rimauro, Antonio Salluzzo, Pellumb Aleksi, Afrim Tabaku

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Sonia Manzo, Giuliana Ansanelli, Giuseppe Di Landa, Simona Schiavo, Carmine Minopoli, Bruno Lanza, Juri Rimauro, Antonio Salluzzo - ENEA, Technical Unit for Technologies Development - Portici Research Centre
Luisa Parrella
- University of Naples “Federico II”
Paolo Massanisso

Pellumb Aleksi - Food Safety and Veterinary Institute, Tirana, Albania
Afrim Tabaku
- Aldent University, Tirana, Albania

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