Environmental compatibility evaluation of classical and innovative antifouling paints

Nowadays, anti-fouling paints are generally formulated with toxic copper or other biocides. In order to contain the possible adverse effect upon non-target biota, industries are developing new paints with limited sloughing of toxic metals or hard ones that release biocides slowly. Furthermore, there are very promising innovative "biocide-free" antifouling coatings, too. The potential toxicity of several types of paints through the application of biological assays in accordance with standardized bio-assay protocols has been evaluated


DOI: 10.12910/EAI2014-43

Marco Francese, Paola Frisenda, Lucio Panizza, Elena Martelli, Alejandro Hochkoeppler

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Marco Francese, Paola Frisenda - Shoreline. società cooperativa AREA Science Park, Trieste
Lucio Panizza, Elena Martelli
- Archimede R&D Srl, Bologna
Alejandro Hochkoeppler
- University of Bologna, Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

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