Developing the human dimension of security by means of Centres of Excellence

Developing human dimension
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The human dimension, encompassing the culture of security and human resources development, is the foundation of a sustainable nuclear – or chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) – security regime. Several countries have established, or are planning to establish, national nuclear (or CBRN) security centres, or Centres of Excellence for training and support. Initiatives at the regional level are also under way, of which the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative is the most important. At the international level, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) is assuming a coordinator role through the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres. In the Nuclear Security Summit framework, Italy introduced a Gift Basket promoting networking and international cooperation among security centres.


La dimensione umana della security e i Centri di Eccellenza

La dimensione umana, che abbraccia la cultura della security e dello sviluppo delle risorse umane, è alla base di un regime di security nucleare o CBRN (chimico, biologico, radiologico e nucleare). Diversi Paesi hanno inaugurato o stanno pianificando centri nazionali o Centri di Eccellenza di formazione e supporto per la security nucleare (o CBRN). Diverse iniziative a livello regionale sono in corso, delle quali la CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative dell’Unione Europea è la più importante. A livello internazionale, l’IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) ha assunto un ruolo di coordinamento attraverso l’International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres. Nel quadro del Nuclear Security Summit, l’Italia ha presentato un Gift Basket che promuove il networking e la cooperazione internazionale tra i centri per la security.



DOI: 10.12910/EAI2014-100

F. Padoani, A. Rizzo

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Franca Padoani - ENEA, Technical Unit for Reactor Safety and Fuel Cycle Methods - Reactor Core and Shielding Analysis and Design Laboratory

Antonietta Rizzo - ENEA, Technical Unit for Reactor Safety and Fuel Cycle Methods –Fuel Cycle Safety and Security Laboratory