Stochastic control applied to the ISWEC Wave Energy System

16 Stochastic control applied 1
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ISWEC (Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter) is a floating marine device able to harvest sea waves energy by the interaction between the pitching motion of a floater and a spinning flywheel which can drive an electric PTO. In the ISWEC the hull dynamics is governed and controlled by the gyroscopic torque. The optimal control logic results in tuning the floater dynamics to the incoming waves in order to maximize the power transfer from the waves to the floater. In this paper the control problems of the ISWEC are stated and a control scheme based on the sub-optimal stochastic control logic is presented. The control scheme here presented has been tested using real wave records acquired at the deployment location in Pantelleria Island, which is one of the most energetic sites of the Mediterranean Sea.



G. Bracco, M. Casassa, E. Giorcelli, M. Martini, G. Mattiazzo, B. Passione, M. Raffero, G. Vissio

DOI: 10.12910/EAI2015-044



Giovanni Bracco, Marta Casassa, Ermanno Giorcelli, Giuliana Mattiazzo, Biagio Passione, Mattia Raffero, Giacomo Vissio - Politecnico di Torino, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Italy

Michele Martini - Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IH Cantabria", Santander, Spain