Can low-carbon societies deliver on energy security?

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With rising energy demand in Asia and the crisis in Ukraine threatening Europe’s gas supplies, energy security is on top of the political agenda. Can low-carbon societies deliver on this priority? The answer to this question rests on the extent and timing of low-carbon policies and the definition energy security: security of what?; security for whom?; and security from which threats? In this article, I explore the energy security implications of (1) Europe’s 2030 climate/energy package and (2) global long-term climate stabilization. Over the short-term the priority for Europe’s climate/energy goals and energy security are not aligned: the former is achieving emissions reductions for the biggest emitters whereas the latter is reducing the vulnerability of the smallest and most vulnerable countries. Long-term global climate stabilization leads to lower energy imports and resource depletion along with higher diversity of energy options in China, the EU and India, but it can limit energy export revenues for the US and other energy exporters.



J. Jewell
DOI:  10.12910/EAI2015-003