Electric energy storage as an element of low-carbon energy supply

6 Electric energy storage
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With a rising share of renewable feed-in, new forms of flexibility become necessary in the electricity grid. Apart from measures such as grid extension or demand side management, energy storage can be one option to provide this flexibility. Short-term storage, such as flywheels or capacitors, can provide system services for power quality, whereas medium-term storage, such as pumped hydro- or battery storage, allows to shift significant amounts of energy over some hours up to days. Seasonal or long-term storage can, for example, be provided by the power-to-gas technology. Significant amounts of storage will be needed when the share of renewables rises, especially when a fully renewable supply is approached. New mechanisms are needed to escort the transformation of energy systems towards a renewable supply. These need to ensure anticipatorily that sufficient flexibility is in the system at any time, thereby providing a framework for storage.



C. Krüger
DOI:  10.12910/EAI2015-004