Federesco and the Kazakh International Expo 2017

Starting from June 2017, Federesco together with more than 30 private organizations (companies or groups) will be present for three months at the Kazakh International Expo

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by Federesco

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-041


Federesco (National Federation of ESCos), as an Energy Service Promoter that has rendered outstanding services to the spreading of energy services in Italy and Europe, has been selected by a Scientific Committee as one of the 30 best innovation projects to be exposed in “Leonardo da Vinci” square within the Italian Pavilion in Astana.

The project met the “theme statement” criteria set by the Expo on future energy with a strong focus on energy efficiency, decarbonisation and environment security, key elements to achieve COP 21 objectives and national priorities in the energy sector.

This projects leads to a new and healthier world, more secure and livable, through energy efficiency in buildings, industry, agriculture and transport sector. …