Organic Light Emitting Diodes, OLEDs. Activities in the ENEA Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Devices

Lighting has a central role in human activities and is being recognized its importance for the health and wellbeing of human beings. Therefore, efficient light sources are mandatory for their effective use in everyday life and to reduce the electrical energy that lighting uses nowadays. The OLEDs can be one of the key responses to this demand because of their peculiar properties. ENEA NANO Laboratory is actively working on this technology, collaborating with companies to bring it to the market

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by Maria Grazia Maglione, Paolo Tassini, Claudia Diletto and Carla Minarini, ENEA

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-039


Large area, non-glare and relaxing light sources for our houses and working places. Thin, light and efficient photovoltaics cells for the building facades. Pervasive but non-invasive sensors for health, wellbeing and the environment. Flexible, long-lasting batteries. Cheap and sustainable fabrication processes with high yield and large throughput.

All of this is now possible thanks to a totally new technology, which uses organic materials and new approaches for the devices fabrication: it is the Organic and Printed Electronics (OE). …