Fusion Power Plants

Developing fusion energy as a new source of energy represents a considerable challenge. The European Union, together with all ITER Parties, is currently engaged in the construction of the ITER device, which represents a scientific and technical undertaking of unprecedented magnitude. Successful ITER operation will demonstrate the scientific feasibility of fusion energy, leading to the construction of one or more DEMOs to demonstrate the technological and economic viability of fusion power

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by David Maisonnier, European Commission

DOI 10.12910/EAI2017-068


The main focus of the European Fusion Research Programme in the field of thermonuclear fusion is the construction of ITER. This is also the case for the other ITER Parties, namely China, India, Japan, Korea, the Russian Federation and the United States of America. ITER is indeed the main pillar of the European Roadmap for the Realisation of Fusion Energy, which outlines the European strategy between now and 2050.

ITER is expected to achieve most of the important milestones on the path to the first Fusion Power Plant (FPP), notably the qualification of a robust physics basis and the validation of key nuclear technologies, and the licensing of ITER will confirm the intrinsic safety features of fusion. …