Migrants as co-development actors. Transnational traits of the migrant presence in Italy

The main purpose of the article is to emphasize the most import questions attending the relationship between migration and development. The article considers the situation in Italy in light of the migratory flows and in accordance with the IOM approach to the theme

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Federico Soda, Laura Bartolini, Coordination Office for the Mediterranean and Mission to Italy, Malta and the Holy See (IOM)

DOI 10.12910/EAI2018-059


The concept of transnationalism is used in migration studies to acknowledge migrants’ agency and their capacity to influence the societies and contexts that they bridge in economic, social, political and emotional terms. In the same vein, the notion of a migration-development nexus has been investigated by both development and migration scholars, who have scrutinized multiple interconnections of the two concepts at the micro (migrant and their families), meso (local communities) and macro (countries of origin and destination) levels. …