Offshore wind and other marine renewable energies in Mediterranean end European seas

Proceedings of the European Seminar OWEMES 2012

Kind of publication: VOLUME

Edited by: Andrea Lazzari and Paola Molinas

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 560, 2013

ISBN: 978-88-8286-283-1

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European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) predicts a total wind energy installed capacity in 2020, equal to 230 GW including the increasingly important 40 GW offshore, that will generate 562 TWh/year in 2030 comparable with the 591 TWh/year onshore.

Offshore wind electricity generation in shallow waters is a mature and nearly cost competitive sector in Northern European seas, while applications are still at a very early stage in Mediterranean seas characterized mostly by deep waters with significant potential.

Large size wind turbines on floating platforms in deep waters, by advanced design, new materials applications, grid integration, and with good operation and maintenance services are some of new technologies to be tested and deployed, while lowering the initial high costs.

The increasing interest of financial investors on marine renewable energies is a clear sign of development of a new “green” economy that can reduce negative effects of the global economic crisis.

OWEMES 2012 Proceedings will be a useful way to diffuse the technical results of the triennial European Seminar, the international meeting point in Italy, since 1994, of industries, researchers and other institutional organizations on offshore wind and other marine renewable energies.



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