Eventi Tec-ene

New industrial models in the bioeconomic era: the biorefineries 21/11/2019 da 09:00 a 16:30 _ Rome (Italy),
ENEA is pleased to announce the Italian stakeholders workshop in the area of biorefineries which will take place in Rome, Italy, on 21st November 2019. This will be a one day conference inserted in the three works days (19-21 November) of the IEA bioenergy task 42 hosted by ENEA. The workshop aims to collect snapshots on main R&D and policy initiatives in the bioenergy and biorefineries area in Italy and to share it in the global framework of the task IEA 42.
Italian IEA TCP Day | Contributo della collaborazione internazionale alla decarbonizzazione del sistema energetico nazionale 25/11/2019 da 09:30 a 17:30 _ Roma,
Sala Parlamentino CNEL - Viale David Lubin n. 2, Roma