AMPERE Project | The Review Meeting at Rome

Quando dal 23/05/2019 alle 09:30
al 24/05/2019 alle 12:30
Dove Rome
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The final goal of the AMPERE Project is the setting-up of an innovative 100 MWp full-scale automated pilot line in production environment while preparing the next steps to 250 MWp and the GWp scale.

Within this framework, the aim of AMPERE is to develop an EU innovative and sustainable manufacturing full-scale automated industrial pilot line, to produce heterojunction technology (HJT) silicon solar cells and modules. The expected impact of AMPERE is a regain of competitiveness in the entire EU PV value chain (from materials, to equipment and cell/module manufacturers).

It bases on a unique consortium, with worldwide experience in the field of coatings, HJT cells and modules, along with the full production technology, which capitalize on one decade of advanced industrialization and development in the field.


AMPERE Project (web site)