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Development cooperation

Development cooperation is particularly important for ENEA, being consistent with its founding values and mission. Actually, the Agency makes its expertise, technologies and services available through agreements, ,contract agreements and protocols with the national cooperation system (MAECI, AICS) through a specific Framework Agreement with national and international organizations (FAO, UNIDO ITPO Italy, etc.),  NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, and other leading actors in this sector, with which it participates in national and European funding calls.

Under the Agreement with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM), ENEA delivers technology transfer and provides environmental cooperation to those countries, most vulnerable and exposed to climate change, with which MATTM has signed memoranda of understanding, especially as regards Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Cooperation development projects are mainly related to Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, and Asia, providing project planning, technology transfer, consulting, training and technical support in the production of renewable energy, environmental and health protection, climate change, sustainable and resilient agriculture, water, wastewater and waste management,  marine protected areas (including marine sanctuaries), alert systems and coastal areas adaptation.

Available projects, agreements, technologies and services are included in the Development Cooperation Atlas, with over 80 technical datasheet containing useful links and contacts.

In addition, a specific Task Force has been created acting as an interface and liaison with stakeholders, aimed to encourage internal coordination and a better response to meet their needs. The Task Force responds to the International Relations Office and gathers experts from all of ENEA’s Departments and Offices.

PUBLISHED: 22/01/2018

UPDATED: 07/01/2020


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